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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  November 13, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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we have more real-estate titans on the next generation of power. the willis report is next. >> hello. to night on "the willis report." congress ramps up pressure and demands answers on obamacare. >> i tried to understand what you mean by fully tested. >> fully tested? holy cow this is a new low. >> officials cannot still say when it will be working properly. another provision that some say is a green light for fraud and you have to pay. your exclusive user's guide to shopping we watch out for you tonight on "the willis report."
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gerri: welcome to the willis report your show your many your voice to die your government we are finally getting details on just how well the obamacare web site is performing the results? not impressive the obamacare site did that meet even the low expectations for signing up parolees that gold was five and a thousand people but hhs secretary sebelius said today's little more than one address 6,000 it signed up on the state exchanges that less than 27,000 have managed to navigate the web site and sign up for health care coverage on the exchange at that rate and adding the states it will take six years to achieve the government's goal of enrolling 7 million people
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what did they say originally? six months. actually six years whose fault is that? not many answers today. >> my last question katy richer the american people the web site will work on november 30th? >> that is not my responsibility. >> if anybody wants to answer november 30th they may well work. >> probably fully. >> the team set a goal to have it functioned and we're working hard to beat the of gold. gerri: we will have more by joining me is rich edson from washington d.c. >> looking at the big number involved 27 million visitors
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that is what the administration inflect out the only 106,000 have actually selected health insurance plans. states exchanges our responsible for about 79,000 the federal exchange few birth and 27,000. there is also a lot of information missing we don't know how many applications have gone through two insurance companies who need to issue those plans or who has paid for those plans they have until december december 15th we don't know of the young healthy people are signing up republicans say they are inflated if you think of you can put items in your shopping cart you don't have to buy them and republicans are contested that this shows the when i did 6,000 is the people who put plans in their shopping cart the administration has
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not broken down asking whether it would get us a breakdown for accurate numbers of which take more time to calculate. so that first bit of numbers is disappointing on the federal level but what they have been saying over the last couple of weeks that the administration has said they have the web site problems have been lowering expectations saying that the web site problems are to blame. when you consider 27 million visitors the 26,000 is that because of the technical problem or because it costs too much? we don't know that. gerri: something that mystified me was what secretary sebelius said that the general public does n
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get to hear this but she was asked when will it be working like the amazon or google and she said it will be working for the vast majority by the end of the month. what does that mean? >> if you look at the administration and answers that is the caveat because that is for the vast majority on top of that with did ministration is saying is they expect there on target but a couple of months ago we heard upon target october 1st. [laughter] gerri: we appreciate your time. obamacare officials back on capitol hill to answer questions about the troubled wear such -- website could not answer questions when would it be fixed? nobody had a clue because a
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panel of experts also made it clear and nobody knew who was in charge it was not ready to go on day one. >> on these six people got to the end i think for the american people understanding wherever that capacity is today it was insufficient and a number one is that correct? >> i only want to know i'm dave never won was capacity sufficient? >> i cannot speak to the numbers that you talk about that clearly on a day number one the system was overwhelmed by volume. gerri: how much is this costing? we know about the billion was spent by some estimates but before the disaster is rollout. now we have john mica from florida.
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congressman a lot of surprises with that conference call what i found most interesting issue was pushed to say when will this website be plush she says the vast majority can use it at the end of the month. >> kudos? -- food knows? today from the house side is the fact the administration and it delayed before the election what they needed to proceed to get the operational part of the service up that was a political decision we heard from the individual in charge of saying without
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these regulations have made him nervous and it turns out the whole operation was not ready for primetime and in fact we find out security was not there. gerri: so the tide was driven by politics not what would be best for the web site i have another question before security. the so many things were breaking today that are more urgent. i do fox news poll says 50 percent of people say the president knowingly lied about his promises on obamacare to get the bill passed. kate knew people would lose their health care coverage has medea's 5 million and went ahead anyway. what do you say? >> this all has imploded it
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did not have to retry to tell people it was not ready for prime time i cannot say that the president lied specifically but obviously he knew was not ready he also pushed these folks to do this via october 1st step ready or not are not. >> there was an interesting exchange to if the lead site was fully tested. >> listen to this. >> it was designed designed, implemented. >> it is a yes or no question. >> it was tested to be secure. >> fully tested with best practices under the federal government standard? >> conduct did by a another
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company. >> so fully tested as the other projects you have overseen with that same standard? >> i am trying to understand what you mean by fully tested. >> holy cow. this is a new low. gerri: if the web site is not fully tested what does that mean for american security of their information on the web site? >> raises serious questions. and they knew and it was provided on september 23rd information in that with this system was not secure. i had the same kind of question also the report dated october 11th it was still not tested in those
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responsible for reviewing the security still poorer in the lurch and people's idea medical records everything provided could be compromised that is a big concern even today we don't know. gerri: it was a great question about who is responsible and a lot of passing the of box. i was shocked at the figure pointing. were you? >> last night former president clinton threw president obama under the bus and then to gave the democrats are ready for cover trying to play and not the death of the governor's signing up but i point out comedy democrat governors
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gave it. it is a hot potato it was not ready for prime time and they do it. gerri: and pointed out there any way. we appreciate your time. thank you very much. i ever continuing coverage continues after the break with who would be getting free health care? what of the most respected online medical sites paid to promote. who can you trust? [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps
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gerri: the white house pulling out all the stops and according to "the washington times" a consumer web site for health care a trusted source among consumers are pocketing money from the federal government to promote obamacare. dr. jaffa, i was surprised because i know this is a website that a lot of americans trust sometimes to the ire of their own doctors
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seeking day get a real deal. what is the real story? >> i found it disturbing myself because almost makes me worry that the government tries to bribe to be a propaganda organ but it should not be surprising the government has leveraged finance to get what it wants from different organizations the ama had a government grant for the monopoly of the creation for what was used by 80 insurance companies and i am sure that is leveraged with their compliance and cooperation. big format got a lot of breaks with obamacare and in return they have spent that so it worries me the
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government tries to use financial leverage. gerri: let's talk about what is getting this is a web site you thank you get unbiased information they receive $4.7 million contract to promote obamacare. five you know, how they promote it? it is with physicians? >> from what i read they have been paid to have various reports to have access there is a separate portion and it explains obamacare in a positive way designed to encourage physicians to like obamacare and the enthusiastic to participate in the health plans and be excited to encourage patients but other
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articles are planned for the general public that are funded by the government so it makes you worry the recommendations for those to access information are designed with the interest of the government in mind. gerri: you are crystal clear at the very least they could put on there website they are paid by the federal government. disclosure is a big deal but i want to talk about some ads to promote obamacare. these are liberal groups putting out ads and it sounds like it comes from the woman's let's get physical. he is hot. let's hope he is as easy to
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get as the birth control my health insurance covers the killed so i need to just worry about getting him between the covers. i got insurance a you can add to. >> i am shocked. >> i think it insults the intelligence of the eight will live eels to whom it is directed. gerri: that is an interesting reaction because you think they are too sophisticated? >> basically it implies they believe the mollet deals are only interested to get free stuff to involve themselves in games and it sex. it be traced i knew a few of those millenials did not think they were serious advertisments but a parity.
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gerri: i think it is in bad taste it is under estimating people in this ad is -- age category. always good to talk to you. we appreciate your time. remember the president's -- president said this? >> if you have a sore throats or your child or repeated sore throats. the doctor may look at the reimbursement system to say to himself i make more money if i take out the tonsils. gerri: who really gets stiffed? was mcdonald's has found another greenlight and joins me now. >> buried in the 11,000 pages of the affordable care act is a little-known provision that could cost doctors and hospitals three
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free months of health care to the goalie's if consumers choose to default just as long as they pay for those first months. those to get the federal tax subsidy get a three month grace period if they cannot pay premiums then canceled the policy they just have to wait until the following year if they want coverage of the health of stage and experts say this essay a green light to game the system. gerri: we show you the way to avoid online shopping pitfalls. how did you do that? customers want to show the bank who is boss dan -- and you could make the switch easily. ♪
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. gerri: switching banks
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gerri: the idea of switching banks might sound like a big headache our next guest said it does not have to be that way. tips on how to make transition, greg mcbride. i think a lots of people want to to this, but they feel i know if i try somehow, a check will bounce. some money is not going to go where it supposed to go. can you do it seamlessly.
6:26 pm
ly. >> you can and you are right. they would consider switching bank accounts if their fees went up. what have to do parallel to one another. make sure you have your direct deposits. gerri: at least a month? >> yes, if you have quarterly withdrawels whether homeowners dues or something they can trip you up, make sure you have your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals transferred over, before you close out the former. gerri: your advice, leave -- have both accounts open for 30 days just to make sure. >> if it is your checking, savings is different, that one you can do cold turkey, but the checking with the strings we have attached to them these days with various payments and deposits make sure we have
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everything switched out so we don't run short, accidentally overdraw or a check you wrote a month or so go, no one cashed, they try to cash it after you close the account. gerri: a lot of people say you should be responsible, and make sure everything works right, the problem is, you are writing checks, the spouse is writing a check, sometimes stuff happens, you say banks have switch kits? >> because of reason you say, i would love to switch but, seems like a big old headache. the switch kits are designed to give you a check list, walk you through the process, make it less cumbe cumbersome to do so,e bank you are switching to, they want you to switch. gerri: what are you looking at? >> i am a big believer, you have to find something that fits your financial personality, this is
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not all or nothing. you do not have to move everything account, maybe it is just your checking account, you are now paying a fee where it used to be fee. assess your financial serpersonality, you are comfortable with an on-line bank? do have you more sophisticated needs you need it all under one roof,. gerri: a lot of people are opting to go to prepaid debit cards. >> it is an alternative, it is a great way for people to put boundaries around their spending. i am a fan of free checking it out there, if you can find it. a lot of community banks and creditot of good savings accounts with no minimum deposit. i am a fan of having your money in the banking system, i think that prepaid debit cards can be
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a supplement, not a substitute. gerri: at the end of the day you want a relationship with the bank. >> yes, we want to accumulate wealth, you need that in the banking system, the prepay debit cards can be away to avoid fees. >> greg, thank you, great stuff, interesting how it is changing and people's attitudes about banking are changing. >> thank you. gerri: coming up, twitter stock may be on fire, we'll tell you why it could still be a lowser for individual investors, our used guidance shopping, rip offs, identity thieves facing on-line shoppers, we'll tell you how to prediction yourself. stay -- protect yourself. stay with us. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
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gerri: well, we have a warning for you on-line holiday shoppers e,er woo continuing our week-long special user guide to shopping to avoid pitfalls while shopping on-line. joining me. editor for consumer report, todd. always good to have all of the issue today, i really think if you are shopping on-line, is you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys, if you use a web site you are using for first time, never seen before, if you rely on seeing misspellings or bad design to clue you in, forget about it. >> you know the scam artists are so good now they can fool all of us, just if a web site looks legitimate, does not mean it is. some are set up to steal your identity, your credit card in or both, other sites sell counterfeit goods, and one that
6:34 pm
engage in low ethical practices, they lure you in at a low price only to get you to buy other items at extra prices. gerri: that is annoying, is there a magic solution? how do i know if a web site is legitimate. >> common sense, shop as well-known retailers, check user abuse, look for patterns of suspicious behavior, before shopping in an unfamiliar site look it up with better business bureau, look for complains, confirm the company has a actual physical address, and use a credit card not a deb il kit cad so you -- debit card so. >> what if i get a deception product, you know, a holiday season, i am ordering at last
6:35 pm
minute, now here it comes, i realize the toy for johnny is broken. >> well, you know, after buying -- let's get to the fine print on retail web site sometimes say that all products are sold as. is that is something rarely seen in walk in stores. that means that sites are disclaiming the so-called. so-called. implied warranty of particula p. many sites we san jose customers can return defective items during a return period usually 30 days, after that, the problem circumstance many tell you to deal with manufacturer, that means you have to ship it back to the manufacture at your own expense and wait weeks probably for a refurbished product. gerri: is this your way of
6:36 pm
telling us to shop in the real world. >> you can but, the big name, they tell you the shipping costs, return policies and it is transparent. gerri: i'm giving them my personal information, i hope they are not abusing it, how do i know? credit card number, address. name, age, you name it. >> reporter: privacy policies we could have a hour-long show talks about it after buying a product on-line, last thing you want is a lot of spam. before giving personal data read the privacy policy, hollister has a 4600 word policy, many retailers elect to let you receive offers or information you provide shared with others assume any time you click you like a site, you friend it these companies can access your information through our smartphone when you walk through
6:37 pm
the door. you have to opt out. be careful what you say some give, provide credit card information, only over a secured connection. that means look for those magic letters, https. thats s is for secure. and look for that padlock. gerri: every teenager in the world who buys on hollister is hoping they spam them with coupons. >> it is a generational problem. gerri: thank you, todd. >> my pleasure. gerri: good stuff. coming up tomorrow, our user's guide to shopping continues with a look at the must-have shopping apps. >> macy's predicting a holly jolly christmas choppy season, reporting blockbuster earnings for last quarter, predicting
6:38 pm
positive trends for christmas season, it is a make or break time for retailers. this year, there are 6 fewer days between thanksgiving and christmas. intensifying pressure on retailers, despite optimism they announced drastic measures opening on thanksgiving night for first time. they join hor big name retailers like walmart. the big box store rolling out black friday bonanza the night before, thursday 10 items will be specially marked down, including ipad minis and flat panel tvs. >> later, 3 additional items, and 8:00 a.m., walmart give card will be handed out with major purchase, retailer pulling out all stops to get you to spend your money over next weeks, you are bitting you spending more or
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less on christmas presents this year. gerri: log on to, and vote. we have reaction on twitter, bob, is spending more for less. too bad. should government be telling us what we can and cannot eat? twitter is trading up considerably from the ipo price. advice coming up. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it,
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gerri: we all read the headlines, twitter stock went up 73% on the first day, and went public. our next guest said that individual investor got nothing but losses, but losseses didpite
6:43 pm
the roaring debut. are ipos not the way to go? joining us jack odder. jack great to see you. now, it is not that you don't like twitter but you don't like the stock right now. >> right now, you mentioned headline, everyone heard great news, i some of that 73% up, but, the fact is that average investor got in about $ 45 or higher today of it is selling over ther $42. >> let's track the stock. reaches a high over 50 on november 7, closes down, that day. and today, it closes at 42.60. the ride, you can't get in at that $26 can you? >>, have i to say i found out some ameritrade investor
6:44 pm
actually put in a limit order of $26 and got a few shares, it is happen. gerri: we need to have that person on the show. but danger people think this somehow reflects the reality of the market, hey, you can make 73%, it is not for the individual investor. gerri: if you try to play on the day the stocks come out, it is almost impossible as an individual investor, you have to be son or daughter or founder or married to cfo . >> difference is 1.3 billion will doars, just about all that went to institutional investors, a few favorite clients, and the occasional lucky person, if you top speculate, put in that limit order of 26, at whatever offer price is, hope you get a little bit, my suggestion, sell, right away. we know that typical trajectory on these ipos, even not super hot techs, they go down over next few months asthma,et sorts
6:45 pm
its way out, it happened with facebook and linked in and groupons. gerri: let's face it, jack, it is all about the hype, wall street always building up the excitement, press releases, research reports, and how easy was it to 450eu7 twitter, everyone knows brand name. >> we're complacent, who uses twitter more than anyone else is journalists. journalists. gerri: what about other ipos? i think there are hidden gems, some companies are doing great, they come public this year or last or year before, you didn't hear about that. >> and we should make clear, twitter is a great company, en investigative doubling sales every year. gerri: no earnings, no eps. >> and so another factor because the ipo market is so hot private equity guys, wall street bankers, and start ups are all going to market. now is a good time for them, but lose for investor, asthma, -- investor wait until market turns
6:46 pm
south. in a bad market, investors are not interested. >> that brings me to eye to a quick question, one of my personal finance writer wrote, you should have money in cash, this person normally does not talk about market timing, saying put some money aside so you can take advantage of go any opportunities that come your way, you are thinking we're at a market high, it could happen. >> i'm not going to prito predict it. -- try to predict it, moment sum powerful. but, at some point it is going to go down, you top have cash on hand. one reason is just psychologically it feels good. i remember the day in
6:47 pm
october 2008, market lost 700 as nervous, i just bought something, it tripled now, i am kicking myself for not buying more. my original response was to buy. rather think that sell this a panic. >> jack otter thank you. s&p 500, all-time high, as we said, index closed around 7 points hir higher than record of october 30. dow ended in record torii er to -- territory. this report for october from energy information administration. product has gun ramping up demand has been lower, government shut nou down and sequestration helping to lower federal deficit last month, the
6:48 pm
october deficit down 24% from last year, spending fell 5%. >> airline, are doing a better job of saying on schedule. department of transportation said nearly 84% of domestic flights arrived on time in september. hawaiian airlines is the best at this, southwest is the worst. and those are some hot stories right now on fox >> we have more to come, my two cent more next, and next, most americans agree by dangers of obosety. but what about role that government plays in our health. details coming up after the break. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in.
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with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of o mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. gerri: americans tipping the scales does that mean that government's role in stopping obesity should get bigger?
6:50 pm
details in 60 seconds.
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6:52 pm
gerri: growing awareness of dangers of obesity has majority of americans seeing it as a big, serious public health problem. but who should fix it. dr. sue dakotas with us, the pew poll said 54% of folks say that government should not play a role in it. >> they are afraid of the government getting more power, invading their lives, the debacle with obamacare, and irs was initially going to run obamacare, people want their privacy. but they are americans, they believe in their freedom, they would like to make their own decisions. gerri: i think some people think
6:53 pm
that americans don take obesity seriously. they think that is reason you have an certainl an answer like. >> how could the not see this is happening. everything hasa has an overweig, family or friend, orchids or even kids, and rodents, even in new york subway system. gerri: let's talk about obesity among americans. i think a lot of people want to do the right thing, maybe they want to talk to family members. >> if you have a overweight family member, say, i'm concerned, because what you have right now, let's say talking to your husband, bob, i'm concerned about you coo developing diabetr
6:54 pm
hypertension, i want you to be go for our kids, let them know what the risks are, that person may not know they are really decreasing their longevity. gerri: people understand what obesity is doing to their bodies but yet they can't take action. >> it is an idea choice, but the idea has to reindividual has to realize there are so many things, you have to start with baby steps, say no so hugo ari to sugary drinks, and juices, no to flavored waters, take 5 servings of fruits and vegetable, and then if you know you are really overweight, what is your body maxinmax index, then talk to yor
6:55 pm
physician about it. make sure there is not anything underlying that could be contributing to obesity. it more than will power, it is about adjusting your behavior to change around food. >> a long way to go baby steps, a great solution. >> so many grade medications -- great medications to give people to help them with appetite and metabolism. >> thank you. gerri: we are short on time tonight, thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: we'll be right back. my customers can shop around.
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but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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hmm. ♪ mm-hmm. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 glk350 for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. gerri: the identify site and government reform committee had a lot of fireworks, what was more telling of telecom friend by kathleen sebelius we learned details how many have enrolled
6:59 pm
on the federal web site. not even 27,000. statistate exchanges fared bettt still not what they are hoping for. obamacare is in for a long, hard slog. combine with state figures it could take 6 years on meet the government goals of enrolling 7 million people, that is 6 years rather than 6 months. what is a few years with government work? that my two cents more. >> macy's predicts a merry christmas shopping seen, other retailers are worried, are you spending more or less? we ask the question on jerry will, 15% said yes, said more, 85 % said less. coming up tomorrow, our users guide to shopping continues with a look at must-have shopping apps, thank you for joining us,
7:00 pm
have a great night. lou: a big day in america, we know now wher where the obama administration has refused for so long to tell the public, many americans have signed up for obamacare. hhs secretary sebelius confirms just a short time ago initial enroll am numbers are woefully short of administration's targets, and far below the lowered expectations. i am lou dobbs. good evening, the number is 106,000, that is how many harning have enrolled in health


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